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Detangle it with Not Your Mother’s

Detangle it with Not Your Mother’s

My daughter has exceptionally long hair. I think it might be past her waist by now, but if it isn’t, it’s really close. This is not my choice -I would prefer her to have a shorter, layered cut, but if I want it, it must be a horrid idea, because I’m Mom.

So, every wash night, I have a head full of thick, tangled hair I have to comb through. It’s a 30 minute process, at the very least – more if…

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New Audacious Lipstick from NARS

New Audacious Lipstick from NARS

I might as well just get rid of all my lipsticks. I’m serious. The new Audacious Lipstick Collectionfrom NARS is pretty amazing. Created to celebrate NARS’ 20th anniversary, it goes on so incredibly smooth, no tugging at all (and we all know how I feel about tugging – it’s a huge nope) and the pigment? Incredible. The only thing it lacks is a long-wearing formula, but who doesn’t secretly love…

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DIY Wednesday: body wash

DIY Wednesday: body wash

Yes, you can do this, I promise. It’s super simple, and even if you don’t cook you can do this.

Part of the fun of DIY is getting to take something basic and add your own spin on it, and this is one of my favorite things to put my spin on – body wash. The things you can add are endless, and you can totally customize it for your skin, your favorite scents, anything you like. Even the color, if you…

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Top Ten Tuesday: Makeup Brushes

Top Ten Tuesday: Makeup Brushes

Do you have a lot of makeup brushes? I seem to have tons and tons of them, so picking out 10 of my favorites was kind of hard. Ironically, so many of them do the same thing (it’s all about the crease, apparently) that I realized that I might actually be some sort of hoarder.

Retrodiva's favorite makeup brushes. Top 10 Tuesday

But let’s get on with the list!

  1. tarte kabuki brush: this was a limited edition brush that came with a matching makeup…

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Mani Monday: NYC and Matte

Mani Monday: NYC and Matte

Tomorrow I’m leaving for NYC. This is the first time that I’m not working, and I’m taking my kids, so it will be awful tourist stuff the whole time. I’m excited to see the city from the perspective of my two teens. They are pretty savvy and well traveled, but they’ve never been to the Big Apple.

But when I go to New York, I like to wear blue on my nails. I have no idea why, but that’s my ritual,…

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Style Saturday: crop tops

Style Saturday: crop tops

Yes, you can wear them too. Anyone can get away with a crop top, especially when you layer or wear a high-waisted bottom. I’m a skirt/dress girl myself, but pants are heading towards a much higher rise than we’ve seen in quite some time. Like, decades.

But I firmly believe the key to fall crop tops is layering – try a longer top underneath. Or keep your crop to a barely cropped level (my favorite…

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Smoky Eye Friday with Urban Decay

Smoky Eye Friday with Urban Decay

Another day, another palette that I love begin discontinued. This is the Shadow Box by Urban Decay, and I’m sure it’s been out of circulation for quite some time. That being said, I still have mine, although I’m starting to hit pan on a couple of shades, and this box of nine shimmering shadows has never let me down.

Smoky Eye Friday using Urban Decay Fishnet and Snatch

The look today is actually quite simple. I started with my Urban Decay Primer…

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DIY Wednesday: Vitamin-packed hair mask

DIY Wednesday: Vitamin-packed hair mask

This comes from beauty expert (who would have thought that would happen when she was on the Hills?) Lauren Hills, who pretty much has gorgeous hair, wouldn’t you agree? Well, one of her beauty secrets involves this super-easy-to-make-mask that does wonders for your ends.

The banana has vitamins, especially vitamin C, which is a natural antioxidant, and honey which moisturizes.

Easy vitamin and protein hair mask

  1. Gather up your…

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