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Anonymous asked:

My mom told me that I shouldn't drink while on my meds. I take adderal. Has anyone else heard this?


You should definitely drink water while on your meds, but do avoid alcohol during the time that it is active. For stimulant medications, that means you are probably okay in the evenings but not during the day. (Also, mixing uppers - which stimulants are - with downers - which alcohol is - is a bad idea.) For other medications (like Strattera), you’ll have to stop completely. And of course, avoid getting drunk if you are drinking, to make sure your medication works properly the next day.


gods for the modern age: persephone

wear flowers in your hair and silks on your body. do not let yourself wither. do not let yourself break. tattoo what was done to you onto your skin and turn it into a weapon. rise from the ashes year after year, trailing glory in your train and wearing riches in your crown. you were good, you stayed hidden, but you were tricked and dragged down into the shadows anyway—so by god, make those shadows your own.

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